Meet the team page, first draft.

After our first meeting we began to create our ‘Meet the team page’ this page was the start of collaborative project as we had to decide on roles that had to be assigned to each other according to our skills, in doing so we found out we are all on the same page and our skills are similar.


We then discussed the colour theme of blue and white and kept the actual theme of the website very simplistic similar to ‘Apple’s’ theme. After creating a theme and template of our website we began to write a small introduction about ourselves and added a picture to make it more like a profile


We then added an ‘About’ page which has links to our blogs and a short paragraph explaining our intentions and a bit about the brief of the project. We also added a contact page which Ged inserted a form so users can contact us. I am happy with our progress so far as we’ve agreed on a good idea and have made a good start to our website.