Final ideas for Collaborative Project.

Today we finalised the idea for our collaborative project, we decided to carry on with our initial idea of a ‘Bored in Bournemouth’ web application in which users will be able to –

  • Log onto with there own unique username/password.
  • Select their preference/type of day out e.g. relaxing, family, romantic, adrenaline.
  • View a variety of day trips out in bournemouth including prices.
  • View a Top ten attractions page?
  • Be able to review a day out and give it a rating.
  • Users will also be able to add their day out in bournemouth.

These are some features we have decided on that will feature on our Web application, our next step is to start the database process and begin creating links between our web app.

The project so far has been interesting, we have all been assigned roles and I am happy being able to do a lot of the creative and design side of the website. Therefore a lot of my research will be into themes and targeting an audience specifically through design. This week I will be finalising on a colour them and creating banners for the website as well as CSS styles for the buttons.


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