First meeting / Initial ideas.

Today I met my group and discussed initial ideas for our collaborative project, we began by brainstorming a few ideas of simple website’s as well as our strengths in this unit to allow us to assign jobs to each of us.

After brainstorming several ideas we decided to stick to the target audience of ‘Tourists’ however after speaking to Rob and as Target audience is a big part of this unit we decided to refine this further until we reached an audience of people visiting bournemouth and families. Our website will be a ‘Day Planner’  in which you can select from a range of different days out (relaxing/romantic/family/etc) and be suggested a range of different days out that we supply in and around bournemouth as well as this we would also make a feature in which users can post their own days out with reviews and pricing making is a participatory website.

We briefly noted down most of the main attractions in bournemouth to see how much data we would be working with.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 12.31.14

After our first meeting I am happy with our initial idea and think it will work very well, however we may need to simplify the idea due to there being a lot of information needed, this will be discussed in our next meeting.

( – To create a mindmap.


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