Formatting my Blog.

After Garrett’s seminar on how to maintain a tidy and professional Weblog I decided to come up with a system to my Blog to ensure all my pages are consistant and data is shown similarly throughout so my blog remains professional and doesn’t get messy, as a good looking blog can achieve higher marks. Garrett went over these specific categories when keeping your blog neat –

Text – When looking at text Garret said to keep everything short and sweet, by the use of small sentences, bullet points etc. in no way should we be writing an essay on our blogs and instead of these big blocks of texts use 2-3 posts per topic to split up the long ‘boring’ posts and make it easier to read, in doing so it keeps the blog alive and in a theme which is easier to read.

Images – In the previous unit I found uploading images tricky as they never sat neatly within a post and seemed to not align with text making my blog messy, however after researching the width of wordpress I found that images with the width of 800px sit nicely within the post and align to either side, therefore making my blog look a lot neater and professional as it all works in a system.

Video – Adding videos to our blogs really brings them to life and allows a viewer to experience what we are posting about in a more interactive way. This can also save us from a lot of text!

Categories – Categories are a big help when blogging consistently as it allows a viewer to jump into a section of your blog easily, however when categorising its good to keep to a minimum amount of categories as on my last blog it became a bit too much and hard to find what you wanted.

Tags – Tagging is very similar to categories and helps keep a thematic flow to your blog as you can relate several pieces of work together in one tag, for example all your research, planning, and final ideas can be stored together in one place, this is a key element in keeping your blog professional and neat.


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